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Dynamics 365 2019 release wave 2. Some of long waited features in Sales and Customer Service (coming from Aug-Oct)

Following are some of the upcoming features finally coming after public voice. Though most of them are only available in unified interface.


  • Rich text editor on non-blocking pop-up for composing emails (only on UI)
    It helps writing email with context to the record we are working on and can have multiple working drafts at same time. Add attachments, navigate between records and so on.
  • Business card scan (only on UI in US and EU regions)
    Scan business card via mobile or web.
  • Customization of opportunity close dialog box (only on UI)
    This feature was on customer’s voice for several years and is finally heard by MS :). A lot of companies created their own html webresource to achieve this.
  • Lead qualification with options of creating relevant records (only on UI)

Customer Service:

  • Knowledge management inline image enhancementUsers can directly copy, paste, and drag and drop images, or select them from File Explorer and add them to knowledge articles, instead of sourcing them from links, as is done today.

For a full list of features please visit: