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Tibco Scribe vs Kingswaysoft and where lies PowerAutomate aka MS Flow

3rd party Integration Tools for Dynamics 365 After spending several years of building integration between Dynamics 365(CRM) and other systems, we thought of comparing these two widely used 3rd party integration tools. (Beware of the publication dates because of the innovative nature of the IT industry) Before comparing these 2 integration tools it is worth […]

Dynamics 365 CRM update/upgrade error: The UPDATE statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint “solution_base_dependencynode”

Recently while upgrading (import db) CRM deployment from 2016 to v9 we encountered this strange error. After trying everything including mentioned her and running short of time, we opened MS ticket and got a script to run on organisation’s DB, which actually resolved this issue. Script actually drops foreign key constraints so should be used […]

Dynamics 365(CRM) Organization Update Import Failed in perform Action Install of Solution=CustomControlsCore …

We encountered the following error while updating one of our client’s organization from 8.0 to 8.2x. Other organizations got updated without any issue but this one just won’t. Error| Failed in perform Action Install of Solution=CustomControlsCore,, Version=, Action=Install for OrgId=xxx Since other organizations are getting updated without a problem we can imagine the issue […]

Dynamics 365 2019 release wave 2. Some of long waited features in Sales and Customer Service (coming from Aug-Oct)

Following are some of the upcoming features finally coming after public voice. Though most of them are only available in unified interface. Sales: Rich text editor on non-blocking pop-up for composing emails (only on UI) It helps writing email with context to the record we are working on and can have multiple working drafts at same […]

Scribe Insight “Error opening data object ” (solved). Security update for microsoft windows (KB4512517)

If anyone is experiencing this error then there can be one of the following 2 reasons. (If error just started showing up without any change and integration has been working fine before then jump straight to option 2) Rights issue – Check accound running scribe services have permissions to collaborations folder and Message queues – […]